Top 100 USA Places You Have Been Scratch off Travel Poster - Scratchable Poster of the Places Visited - Places You Have Visited Map

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TOP 100 PLACES IN THE US - after studying several ratings, we selected the most interesting places to visit
BEAUTIFUL ICONS - by scratching an icon, you not only fix the visited place, but also get aesthetic pleasure from its image
POSTER IN A GIFT TUBE - scratch off poster is placed in a premium gift box, which means that you do not need to pack it in an additional one
A COMPLETE SET OF ACCESSORIES - the set contains a special scratch tool for easy erasing and an eraser with a cloth for caring for the places we have been poster
EASY TO ATTACH TO THE WALL - buy a 16-by-24-inch poster frame or use the special buttons from the set. Any doubts left? Don't forget about the manufacturer's 45-day warranty. Click "Add to cart" button and get your top 100 us destinations scratch off poster soon!

The perfect gift for the USA traveler
The poster will help to keep the memories of the visited places in a beautiful form, will definitely attract the attention of guests and will be an occasion to talk about your travels.
Stylish tube made of thick cardboard
-protects the scratchable united states poster from damage during transport
-will serve as a gift wrap and you will not need to search for it separately
-will arouse interest and delight even before it is opened
Will last for many years, so you will have time to erase all the sights
-poster is made of thick paper with lamination
-scratch off layer is applied in such a way that it can be easily erased with a scratch tool, but it is not damaged during transportation
We have taken care of your comfort
-added a special metal scratch tool to erase the poster easily, without leaving scratches
-have collected a set of accessories for proper care of the where you have been poster after erasing and for attaching it to the wall
-selected the size of the poster so that all the details were clearly visible but there were no difficulties with the selection of the frame
-developed a manual so that even an inexperienced user could use a poster and accessories correctly
The poster will definitely trigger positive emotions of the person to whom you give it, or your own if you buy it for yourself, so feel free to click "Add to cart" button and get your Top 100 Destinations of the United States Scratch off Poster in the shortest possible time!