Corporate Orders & Wholesale

Corporate orders

What we can cusomize for you?

1. Print your logo directly on the map. Also we can print your affiliates locations directly on the map where they are located.

2. Stick your logo onto the map. Also we can mark your affiliates locations with stickers.

3. Print your logo directly on the tube.

4. Stick logo onto the metallic cap of the tube.

5. Put your brand inlets into the tube.

6. Create your own design of the map.

7. Add, replace or remove accessories.

What else we can customize?

1. Package - we can frame the maps or send them in the original tubes.

2. Size of the map.

3. Package

How long it takes to produce customized maps?

It depends on several factors and may take from 2 weeks to 2 monthes.

What about payment?

We work with 70% prepaid orders.

Where you can get the details?

Contact us via email

How long it takes to deliver the maps to you?

It depends on the order size, country and choosen shipping method.


Contact us via email and we`ll give you the best prices.