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Top 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster - Bucket List of Greatest Films to Watch - Easy to Frame - Must See Films Checklist

Top 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster - Bucket List of Greatest Films to Watch - Easy to Frame - Must See Films Checklist

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Explore the magic of cinema with our Top 100 Movies Scratch-Off Poster. Scratch off the gold foil to reveal iconic movie posters of the greatest films of all time. From timeless classics to modern masterpieces, this poster is a must-have for any movie buff. Challenge yourself to watch them all and uncover a visual masterpiece as you scratch away!

  • INTERACTIVE MOVIE NIGHTS - amplify the excitement! Guess the film and then scratch it off to reveal the vibrant icon beneath. Or, scratch off the designated area to reveal the movie name without damaging the icon.
  • NOT JUST AESTHETICS - dive deeper with ratings from top film critics, eye-catching icons for each movie, and ignite discussions about your shared or unique film experiences.
  • EASY TO FIT A FRAME - precisely sized at 12x16'', our cinema scratch off poster seamlessly fits standard frames - perfect for any decor!
  • LONG-LASTING AND DURABLE - laminated for durability, it's not just a film scratchable poster, but a long-term record of your cinematic journey.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT FOR EVERYONE - ideal for movie lovers of all ages, our scratch off movie bucketlist poster comes in a recyclable ready-to-gift package, complete with a specially designed scratching tool.

Technical Details

Brand: Giftellino
Format: Rectangular
Product Dimensions: 15.7 x 11.8 x 0.2 inches
Item Weight:

‎2.08 ounces

Material Type: Hard laminated paper
Style: Poster
Fits the Frame: 16" x 12"
Paper Finish: Glossy
Erasing Kit: Yes
Package: Eco-box


Your Cinematic Adventure Awaits!
Embark on a film journey with our 12x16'' scratch-off movies poster. A must-have for movie buffs and casual viewers alike, this poster is not just a piece of art but an interactive gateway to endless movie nights filled with guesses, reveals, and shared experiences.

Key Features:

Tailored Fit: Designed to perfectly fit into any standard 12x16'' frame, making it a stylish addition to your decor.
Interactive Experience: Enhance your movie nights with a fun guessing game before scratching off to reveal the film.
Quality That Lasts: The laminated finish ensures your 100 movies bucket list scratch off poster remains pristine through countless movie discoveries.
Gift of Cinema: Nestled in a recyclable ready-to-gift package, it's the perfect present for movie enthusiasts, complete with a user-friendly scratching tool.
Conversation Starter: Loaded with popular film ratings and vibrant icons, it's a great way to spark discussions about cinematic adventures.
Every movie scratched off unveils a new conversation, a shared memory, or a debated rating. As you unveil each vibrant icon, your 100 must see movies scratch off poster transforms into a personalized showcase of your film journey. Whether you're challenging your film knowledge, discovering new favorites, or reminiscing about past viewings, our scratch-off movies poster is your ticket to a captivating cinematic exploration!

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