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Pregnancy Journal for Expecting Mothers - First Time Moms Pregnancy Memory Book - Pregnancy Baby Bump Notebook

Pregnancy Journal for Expecting Mothers - First Time Moms Pregnancy Memory Book - Pregnancy Baby Bump Notebook

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Capture every precious moment of your pregnancy with our beautifully designed Pregnancy Journal. This journal features guided prompts and ample space to document your thoughts, feelings, and experiences throughout your journey to motherhood. From the first fluttering kicks to the final countdown, preserve these memories for a lifetime in this keepsake journal.

  • TRIMESTER DIVIDERS - stay organized throughout your pregnancy journey with sturdy cardboard dividers, separating each trimester for easy reference.
  • CAPTURE UNIQUE MOMENTS - preserve precious memories with dedicated pages for ultrasound images and sections for baby's first foot and handprints, simplifying memory keeping.
  • GREAT GIFT FOR EXPECTANT PARENTS - this journal makes a thoughtful gift for baby showers, gender reveals, or any joyous occasion.
  • ENGAGING AND COLORFUL DESIGN - enjoy interactive games and vibrant icons that add a touch of fun to your journaling experience.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY AND SIZE - encased in a durable 7.36'' x 8.86'' hardcover with 80 high-quality sheets measuring 6.69'' x 8.27'', this journal blends durability with elegance, perfect for every mom-to-be.

Technical Details

Brand: Giftellino
Format: Notebook, Organizer
Product Dimensions: ‎8.66"L x 7.48"W
Item Weight:

64.84 ounces

Material: Cardboard
Style: Classic
Occasion: Baby shower, Gender reveal
Number of insert sheets: 80
Size of the liner sheets: 6.69'' x 8.27''

First Time Moms Pregnancy Journal: Your Essential Companion
Embrace the magical journey of motherhood with this meticulously crafted journal for first-time moms. As a pregnancy must-have, especially in the first trimester, our journal offers an organized space to cherish every moment and milestone.

Features at a Glance:

Cardboard Trimester Divides: Ensure you don't miss a beat from those early flutter kicks to the final weeks.

Unique Memory Spaces:

Beyond being a pregnancy photo album, the journal houses dedicated pages for ultrasound snapshots and dedicated sections to capture baby's first hand and footprints.

Interactive Games & Vibrant Icons:

Engage with playful elements, making this journal more than just a keepsake – it's an experience.
The sturdy 7.36'' x 8.86'' hardcover ensures durability, while 80 high-quality sheets, each 6.69'' x 8.27'', provide ample space for reflections, planning, and tracking. It effortlessly doubles as a mom daily planner and calendar, ensuring you're always prepared for the next doctor's visit or prenatal class.
Considering gifting? This is the epitome of pregnancy gifts for first-time moms. Its versatility extends as a baby tracker journal for newborns, a keepsake journal for parents, and an emotional gift for mom. Whether you're looking for unique gifts for parents or something personal for an upcoming baby shower, our journal stands out as a treasured possession.
In essence, this is not just a pregnancy notebook journal for moms; it's a storybook, a planner, a photo album, and a testament to the beautiful journey of motherhood. Add this to your cart for an experience that seamlessly blends practicality with sentiment. Celebrate every step, every kick, and every moment with this exquisite journal.

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