Europe Scratch off Map Poster - Places Where You've Been Scratch off Poster - European Travel Map - Globetrotter Map of the Europe

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THE GIFT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR - this scratchable map of Europe has a high gift value, which we emphasized with its elegant, tastefuly crafted gift wrapping. There is no need to look for additional packaging - our tube will delight and intrigue any person, and the map itself will confirm high expectations and will remind you of the person who presented it for a very long time
GOOD FRAME SIZE - map size 24 by 16 in will not cause trouble when searching for a frame. Most of our customers prefer magnetic frames
EASILY ERASABLE - the set contains everything you need - a special scratch-tool and simple manual. Even a beginner will cope with the task without any problems - he will erase the necessary area easily, neatly and without scratches. We use European standards for applying and fixing the scratch layer in such a way that it is perfectly erased when using a scratcher, but it does not peel off during storage and transportation at the same time
RICH COLORS - pleasant and rich colors are waiting for you under the scratch layer, due to which the countries contrast, but colors are quite soft at the same time, and the map does not look colorful after erasing.
A WIN-WIN OPTION - we give a 30-day warranty for all our products, although we know from our tens of thousands of customers that such a need is extremely rare. Cloth, four pins, eraser and six thumbtacks are in the set too. Get the most profit out of your poster order now!

A great choice for those ones traveling in Europe.
It doesn't matter if you buy a map for a gift or for yourself, anyone traveling in Europe will highly appreciate it.
Why have tens of thousands of customers chosen our scratch off maps?
- matt tube made of high quality materials with gold embossing looks festive and expensive;
- your scratch off Europe map is completely safe because it is in a sturdy cardboard tube that will not not allow any damage to it during delivery;
- the scratch off map of the Europe has a black background and a golden scratch - these are the most popular colors, and not without reason - such a map will decorate and diversify any, even the most boring wall;
- pleasant colors are revealed after erasing;
- the scratch layer is applied taking into account all modern standards so that it does not get damaged by accident, but can be easily removed with a metal scratcher from the set;
- high-quality scratch layer, scratcher and instructions will help to erase the map with high accuracy and ease;
- the map serves you for more than one year, as it is made of durable laminated paper.
Considering all of the mentioned above, you can be sure that you will make a good purchase. If you do not like something, we will gladly refund your money within 30 days of the warranty period. Click Add to cart now and get the scratchable map of Europe!