3 in 1 Gift Set Scratch off Posters of Horror Movies Comedies and Kids Movies - Scratchable Poster Bucketlist - Top 300 Films Checklist

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THE MAXIMUM BENEFIT - when ordering a set of three scratch off posters, at full price you get only the first poster, the other two - at half price
ABOUT 300 FILMS - a huge set of films including horrors and comedies in one package. Turn the tedious process of choosing a movie into an exciting game
COMFORTABLE ERASURE - all posters are foiled so that they are easily erased with a scratch tool and do not peel off during transport
EVERYTHING YOU NEED - with posters in the tube there are all the necessary accessories - a metal scratch tool for comfortable scratching, an eraser and a cloth for caring for posters, buttons for attaching to the wall
A GREAT GIFT IDEA - you give as many as three premium posters with a set of accessories and in a stylish gift tube - who does not like such a gift? Any doubts left? Don't forget about the manufacturer's 45-day warranty.

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A gift that will pleasantly surprise you
A set of three beautiful and functional scratch posters will brighten up the evenings and help turn the tedious process of choosing a movie into an exciting game. Thanks to the high quality of execution, the scratch off posters will remind your watched horrors, comedies and other movies for a very long time.
There are many more arguments why exactly 3 in 1 gift set:
-all three posters are made in the same style and color scheme, and therefore will look great on the wall
-with a list of about 300 movies, you can really call yourself a movie connoisseur, while displaying it beautifully on the wall - the posters are so beautiful that guests will definitely start talking about movies
-a complete set of accessories consisting of a scratch tool, buttons for attaching, an eraser and a felt flap
-comfortable erasure thanks to high quality foil which is easily removed with a scratch tool and does not fall off during transportation
-dense laminated paper used in all three posters will allow the posters to last more than one year
-all three posters are the same size - 24 by 16 inches and it is not difficult to find frames for them
-a reliable cardboard tube, which also perfectly replaces the gift packaging
-buying three posters in a set in fact you only pay for two and the third get for free.
All combined with a 45-day manufacturer's warranty makes the 3-in-1 gift set a reasonable choice. Click "Add to cart” and get your scratch off posters of the horrors, comedies and movies soon!