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Scratch off Map by Divalis

2 in 1 Gift Set - Scratch Off World Map and Scratch Off US Map - Easy to Frame Scratchable World and United States of America Posters

2 in 1 Gift Set - Scratch Off World Map and Scratch Off US Map - Easy to Frame Scratchable World and United States of America Posters

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  • MAXIMUM BENEFIT - buy two posters together and you will get the second one at a price of 65 percent lower
  • GREAT INTERACTION - use the scratch off world map to mark global trips, and the US map to mark home trips
  • DETAILED - both poster full of details - they have marked the states, cities, rivers, lakes, parks, etc
  • EASY TO USE - the scratch layer of posters is applied in such a way that it is easily erased with a scraper from the kit and does not peel off during transportation. To make the process as efficient as possible, we made a manual - now even a novice can erase the desired area easily and beautifully
  • BEST GIFT - you give a double benefit in a spectacular gift tube. Whether a person is traveling around the world or in the United States, or is just planning to start traveling - it doesn't matter, they will highly appreciate your gift. We are confident in the quality, and therefore give an extended warranty of 45 days.

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Looking for a motivating gift?
There is a number of reasons why you made a good choice.
A 2 in 1 gift set will evoke emotions in any person
- a luxurious tube with gold lettering will emphasize the value of the gift and save you from the need to search for additional packaging
- a set of accessories from the set (a scraper for accurate and comfortable erasure, buttons for attaching scratchable posters to the wall and an eraser with felt to maintain the perfect appearance of the poster after erasing) will make posters using easy and interesting
- both scratch off posters have a high level of detail, quality materials, and a scratch-off layer which is applied due to all technological norms (thanks to it the scratch layer can be hard scraped down by accident, but easily with the help of a mediator from the kit)
- both scratch off maps are large enough to see all the details (scratch map of the world 34 by 21.5 inches and scratch map of the USA - 24 by 16.1)
- both maps are made in the same color scheme and style, so they will look perfect next to each other
- 5 major US territories, flags, and all 63 national parks are marked on the US scratch off map
- on the scratch off map of the world the states of large countries are marked and country flags are displayed separately
- you will save 65 percent of the cost of a US map
All combined with a 45-day manufacturer's warranty makes the 2-in-1 gift set a reasonable choice. Click "Add to cart” and get your posters soon

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