2 in 1 Gift Set - Scratch off Map of the World and Top 100 World Places to Visit Scratchable Poster - Places Where You Have Been Travel Map

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MAXIMUM BENEFIT - by buying two scratch off posters at a time, you save about 60 percent on the second one
COMPLEMENTARITY - scratch off world map and scratch off destinations of the world poster are well combined with each other in style and purpose-mark the visited countries on the map, and on the poster - the sights
QUALITY AND COMFORTABLE USE - both scratchable posters have a high-quality foil that does not peel off during transportation, but can be easily removed with a scratch tool from the set
A SET OF ACCESSORIES - in the set you will find a scratch tool, an eraser and a rag for caring for posters, buttons for attaching to the wall
THE PERFECT GIFT - two amazing posters are sure to delight any person who is fond of traveling. We knew that you would want to buy scratch off map of the world and scratch of world destinations poster for a gift, so we made the packaging not only reliable, but also a gift. Any doubts left? Click "Add to cart" button and get your poster soon!

Looking for a gift that will motivate you?
There is a number of reasons why you made the right choice and chose our 2 in 1 gift set:
-both posters look stylish and perfectly match each other
-the set has all the necessary accessories (a scratch tool that erases the foil easily and does not leave scratches, an eraser and a cloth for caring for posters, buttons for attaching to the wall)
-both posters(scratch off world map and scratch off destinations poster) have a high level of detail and perfectly complement each other (one you erase the city and the country, and in the second you can show exactly what you visited)
-high-quality materials, in particular thick laminated paper, which will last for more than one year
-stylish scratchable posters will attract the attention of guests and become an occasion to talk about travel with guests
-both posters are large enough to see the smallest details (the world map is 34 by 21 inches, and the attractions poster is 24 by 16 )
-a reliable cardboard tube, which also perfectly replaces the gift packaging
-by buying two posters in a set you save about 60 percent of the cost on the second one
All combined with a 45-day manufacturer's warranty makes the 2-in-1 gift set (scratch off world map ans scratch off destinations poster) a reasonable choice. Click "Add to cart” and get your posters soon!