Top 5 countries to travel in 2019

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Top 5 countries to travel in 2019

Scratch off all the places from our list in 2019!

1. Chile

Searching top counties to travel and scratch off from your travel world map? You are on the right way - after reading this article you`ll get 5 best places to scratch off from travel map in 2019. Here is Chile, Portugal and even more - guess which countries else you can scratch off from your scratchable world map? Travel and scratch more and more!

Chile is a narrow strip that located in between Pacific Ocean and Ands. It has a very low criminality level. That`s why your trip to the most ecological place in the world called Patagonia will be safe and interesting. After that you can eat traditional completos and taste Chilean summer-time drink mote(dried peaches, cinnamon and husked wheat). The latter will safe your life on the next destination -  Atacama desert (the driest place in the world). Don`t forget to visit the 31st highest lake in the world called Chungara. Besides don`t be afraid if you`ll meet the flying saucer because chileans frequently see UFO.

 2. South Korea

 Which country to scratch off from scratch off world map is a real questions. This blog is about top coubtries to travel and scratch off from the travel world map in 2019. Here gathered the best choices on our opinion you will want to scratch iff from the world map in 2019.

This country is one of the most modern countries in Asia. It borders the Yellow Sea and the Sea of Japan. South Korea frequently described as hi-tech and modern and there is several reasons for that. It has a new railway network so that you can comfortably go to every part of the country. The second reason is that there is a huge amount of cellphones, cars, computers and other hi-tech products designed and manufactured there. There is several places mandatory to visit in South Korea. The World Heritage–listed Changdeokgung is the first one. If you like original architecture necessarily visit Hwaseong Haenggung fortress and Leeum Samsung Museum of Art. I love South Korea and there is many other places of interest and hope I`ll describe all of them in other blog posts...


Which countries you want to scratch off in 2019? Here is our top of countries to travel and scratch off from the world map in 2019. Travel and scratch more and more

Lying along the Atlantic coast of the Iberian Peninsula this country will surprise you with medieval castles, golden beaches, picturesque villages and fascinating cities. If you have only a few days to travel Portugal visit Porto or Lisbon. While in Porto cinsider visiting Geres National Park , the River Duoro and Arouca Geopark. If you choose Lisbon don`t forget to visit the World Heritage Site of Sintra and the Estoril Coast. If you are fond of nature look at Natural Parks of the River Tagus. What about food? Taste cozido a potuguesa - a pot of tender beef and pork chunks with carrots, potatoes and cabbage. Want more? Try bifana - the most popular snack there. Eat this foods with delicious Portuguese vines


Is Djibouti on your travel list? If no hurry up to buy our scratchable world map to scratch off Djibouiti from scratchable map!

This tiny African country has unique geological makeup. Want to see salt lakes or extinct volcanoes, sunken plains or basaltic plateaus? You must visit Djibouti. Here you`ll find all nature miracles mentioned above and even more - limestone chimneys of the Lake Abhe and huge canyons. It`s the paradise for geologists and archeologists


Travel georgia and scratch off it from the scratchable map . It is in our top 5 countries to travel in 2019 and scratch off from the world map

Located on the Black Sea coast Georgia it has rich culture and history. Traditional Georgian cuisine is delicious and rich on various meat dishes. Georgians are proud of their vine and you can easily make sure that they have a good reason to do so. But the main Georgia advantage is it`s national hospitality. It is hard to describe all the cordiality georgians express to their guests and tourists!

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