Do you know that improper accessories use can damage your scratch off world map permanently? Read this blog and keep your scratchable world map beautiful for years. Here we describe how to use all scratch off world map items in a right way.

Unlock the Secrets of Beautiful Scratching: Your Ultimate Guide to Using the Scratch Off World Map!

Frequently Asked Questions from Our Valued Customers:

1. How to Retrieve the Map from the Tube? To effortlessly get the map out, press the free end against the inner surface of the tube with two fingers, and give it an additional roll. Then, simply pull out the map.

2. Dealing with Map Intertwining: If the map intertwists upon pulling out, roll it backward (scratch layer facing outward) and either place it back into the tube or secure it with a rubber band for a few hours.

3. Scratching the Map: Place the map on a hard, flat surface. Hold the scratch tool at a 30° angle with the scratchable map and gently scratch the desired area.

4. Handling Scratched Areas: After scratching, remove the cuts with the felt cloth. Clean the scratched area with the eraser for a pristine and shiny map.

5. Planning Travels with the Map: Use a golden erasable marker to write on the background layer. Avoid writing on the scratch layer.

6. Utilizing Pins: Use colorful pins to mark your future destinations on the map.

7. Keeping Accessories Together: Our scratchable world map tube includes a special bag for accessories. Place this bag with accessories into the tube, and you'll never lose them!

Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions. We're here to help!


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