Blue and Silver Scratch off World Map

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Do you associate traveling with the sea? If yes, meet our silver scratch off map with sea blue background. Suits every light interior. Has ''WOW'' effect especcially if you gift it to kids!



IT IS THE PERFECT GIFT - you`ll bring a lot of positive emotions and ingratiate yourself with anybody. All this is due to scratch off world map`s perfect quality and elegant packaging design with golden embossment and light golden covers. Choose it for Birthday or Anniversary, for Graduation or Father`s Day for your friend or colleague, mother or father, uncle or aunt and especially kids - they are doomed to love it! No need to care about gift packaging - it has wonderful one already!


LIVEN UP YOUR ROOM DECOR - framed or unframed it suits EVERY interior (especially light mediterranean) and decorates it - forget boring walls! All your guests will notice a beautiful large silver and blue travel world map and definitely will ask you about your travel destinations. Free and interesting conversation guaranteed! Hang the second one in office and you can discuss travels at work!


US STATES OUTLINED - you have no need to buy an additional blue scratchable world map of US because in this scratchable map: a) US state borders are clearly outlined b) each state is highlighted with a different shade c) at least 1 city for each state is marked there

AUTHENTIC, DETAILED DESIGN - you`ll get an excellent educational and reference tool for kids and other family members because this XL scratch off map of the world is detailed. There are outlined states and provinces of 5 world biggest countries and each of them is marked at least with 1 city. Moreover, the map has country flags at the bottom


IT`S THE LARGEST SCRATCH OFF MAP ON THE MARKET - it`s really large! In fact, it is one of the largest scratch off maps on the market with the size of 34 *22 inches

DOUBLE LAMINATION - forget about creases, tears and holes left after scratching - this map will last for years!

ALL ACCESSORIES INCLUDED - you`ll get a full accessories kit FOR FREE - scratcher (for easy and precise scratching), bag for all accessories, cloth to wipe out debris after scratching, eraser to keep your map shiny and ideally clean after scratching, 6 colourful pins to plan your trips and 4 golden thumb tacks ideally harmonizing with map color gamut to attach the globetrotter map to the wall


Scratch off map material - hard laminated paper (200G) with glossy finish
Gift package material - hard carton with matt lamination, gold embossment and golden caps
Color of the scratchable map - blue and silver 
Style - minimalistic style that fits every interior, especially light 
Package - gift tube with matt lamination, gold embossment and gold caps
Content - 1 scratchable map, gift tube, scratch tool, eraser, bag, cloth, 6 colorful pins and 4 gold thumb tacks
Scratch off map size - 34 x 22 inches
Tube Dimensions - 22.4 x 2.2 x 2.2 inches
Blue scratch off map warranty - 45 days
Worldwide shipping - yes, check shipping rates on checkout
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