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BEST BOARD GAMES - checklist scratch off poster presents 100 best games that have been selected from several ratings and that every fan of board games must play
COLORFUL ICONS - for each board game, a beautiful picture was drawn that reflects the meaning of the game
READY-MADE GIFT - we knew that you would buy our poster for a gift to your family, friends, and eventually yourself, so we made a stylish gift package that does not need additional decoration
SCRATCH TOOL AND OTHER ACCESSORIES - we have collected everything you need for a convenient and accurate erasing of the foil and care of the scratchable board games poster after that
EASY TO ATTACH TO THE WALL - buy a 16-by-24-inch poster frame or use the special buttons from the set. Any doubts left? Don't forget about the manufacturer's 45-day warranty. Click "Add to cart" button and get your poster soon

A great gift idea for a board game lover
The poster will give you the opportunity not to forget the games that you tried to play, will motivate you to try new ones and, thanks to its stylish design, will attract the attention of guests and serve as a conversation starter on the theme of board games
Reliable and stylish packaging
-won't let the poster get damaged
-has a presentable design, and therefore perfectly performs the function of gift packaging
-will trigger positive emotions with its appearance
European quality
-poster material - thick laminated paper
-scratch layer is applied in compliance with all standards, and therefore does not fall off during transportation, but can be easily removed with a scratch tool
Ease of use
-we have selected all the necessary accessories for comfortable use of the poster - a scratch tool for easy erasing without scratches; an eraser and a cloth for taking care of the top 100 board games scratch off poster after that, and buttons for attaching the poster to the wall
-if you do not want to attach the poster with special buttons, then you can easily choose a frame for it
-all the details of the correct use of accessories and poster were described in the manual
You will not make a mistake with the choice as this best board games scratch off poster will definitely arise interest and a storm of emotions of a board games fan, so feel free to click the "Add to cart" button and get your poster in the shortest possible time!